Per Massachusetts law, NESH may not sell more than one ounce of marijuana, 500mg of edibles or five grams of marijuana concentrate to a consumer per transaction (the daily amount is cumulative across all cannabis products). There are no daily limits on topicals.

Cash, Debit, CanPay and Cashless ATM.

As a recreational customer the state government has no idea that you shop at NESH or any MA dispensary.  If you are a medical card holder the state does track your purchases and it does know what dispensaries you purchase from.  This process is explained when you register with the state to become a Medical Marijuana Patient.

Cannabis products cannot be returned or exchanged. Returns/exchanges are only offered on vape products that are deemed defective or non functioning. Purchase receipt, cartridge and original packaging are REQUIRED in order to return/exchange the product compliantly within a four-day window at your original location of purchase. Please check your vape products soon after purchasing for any signs of disfunction so we can best assist you. While we do not allow returns of all other cannabis products due to MA state regulations, we do value feedback about any product our customers feel may not meet our quality standards. Please reach out to NESH at [email protected] to address these concerns and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

In the heart of Davis Square, a few minutes’ walk from the T, The Somerville Theater, The Rockwell and all your favorite bars and haunts. 378 Highland Avenue, Somerville MA 02144 – sandwiched right between Opa and Tenoch. Lucky us! Grab your grub, grab your weed.

You can ring us up at 617-882-0710, email us at [email protected] or simply stop in for a chat.

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